Development Plan


Development strategy: Develop the unique ABC brand value in the traditional stone industry through in-depth technology, management and brand innovation.  

In terms of product structure, we adhere to the stone Mosaic, with different natural materials, shell, wood, clay, etc., to create a natural stone + green economic product ecological chain. 

In terms of hardware, cooperate with domestic scientific research institutions to develop a variety of new material composite technology, which can greatly improve the production capacity and realize the green cycle of stone; 

In terms of management, we strictly follow the standardized management, from the mine to the processing workshop, each step of the process is completed by professionals in accordance with the precise and rigorous process, and the scientific supply chain management system is used to implement the whole line of production, forming the unique management system of ABC to ensure the quality of products.

In terms of channel control, the company takes the lead in implementing product traceability management system in the industry to realize the whole-process supervision of every brick, which ensures the information transparency between enterprises and consumers, so that consumers can buy products with more confidence and worry.  

In terms of marketing and promotion, a new media matrix with online drainage and offline experience as the core has been formed, allowing every related group in this traditional industry to participate in the process and play with the stone Mosaic. 



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