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Joining Process


Channel Support:To provide scientific analysis and guidance for the franchisee's store site selection, experience forecasts, etc., to provide dealers with diversified opening support, including in detail showroom design support, sample support, marketing tools support, and later image upgrades, from a single stone sales to the scene to create a lifestyle penetration, breaking the traditional building materials hypermarket model, focusing on the full integration of products and soft furnishings.

Brand Support:With a professional promotion team, we will update the brand promotion budget every year and put advertisements in various new media, designer platforms and professional KOL platforms to empower the terminal to attract traffic, which will provide important guarantee and continuous power to facilitate the rapid transaction of terminal stores and improve the business performance of terminal stores.

New Product Support:Each year, we organize and implement two large new product launches and invite franchisees from all over the country to go to the site to see samples and order. With the help of terminal information system, the latest information of goods is transmitted to each franchisee quickly and timely.

Price Support:Strict and perfect price system to ensure the orderly competition in different markets. The national uniform retail price is the rigid indicator of the brand all along, and the company has established a national uniform retail price system for the terminal market in accordance with the principles of unity, transparency and openness to continuously maintain the brand value, protect the rights and interests of business partners and customers, regulate the market order and build a good and harmonious operating environment.

Training Support:Talent resources are the first positive energy of enterprise development and the concrete expression of core competitiveness. We attach great importance to the training of employees in various positions. Cooperate with China Research International Brand Management Consulting Agency to provide marketing management training, brand planning, market strategic planning, importing advanced management model, establishing scientific training base, long-term specialized, systematic and standardized training for new store dealers, store managers and shoppers, and outputting a continuous stream of talents for terminal stores.

Information Support:Actively promote the full coverage of the stone ERP system, strengthen the "double P" (VIP, ERP) work,. Through the stone ERP system information platform and distribution system, to achieve the entire sales chain static data can be monitored, effective tracking, effective and timely adjustment and follow-up of the terminal stores, to provide decision-making for terminal profitability, to provide market information for product development, to meet the consumer demand for what you want to see, what you see is what you get.


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